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How does FPI conduct a Work Comp Investigation

How does FPI conduct a Work Comp Investigation


FPI starts with examining the claim.  What is the claimed injury?  Was it an unwitnessed accident?  Who if anyone witnessed the accident?  If unwitnessed, the claim becomes suspicious.  Witnesses are to be questioned.  Are their descriptions of the event  consistent with that of the injured employee and consistent with each other.

FPI will inquire of fellow employees how they describe the accident.  Do they think it was staged?  Or did it really occur on the job or off?

Next comes surveillance.  Our investigators will stake out the employee’s residence and follow him to see if he goes to another off the books job.

The employee would be video recorded each time our investigators see him.

If the employee is suspicious and drives in an attempt to evade our investigator, FPI would use two car trailing (see one of our previous discussions). This helps prevent the targeted employee becoming suspicious.

FPI does work comp investigations for insurance companies, construction firms and police departments (their police officers who get injured in line of duty obtain full pay while out on injury and the department needs to pay overtime for other officers to fill their patrols) so PDs have strong incentives to ascertain the validity of continuing unable to return to work.

If you have any suspicious or long term work comp issues, FPI can help.

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