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How FPI conducts vehicle surveillance.

How FPI conducts vehicle surveillance.

.  FPI is experienced in various surveillance techniques.



This type of surveillance requires specific organization and planning.  If this surveillance is to take place in a populated area we recommend a minimum of two investigators.  Combining vehicle and foot surveillance is the best way to go.  Why?  If the target drives to a location and parks and gets out, the investigator driving cannot just leave the tail car in the middle of the street.  An investigator passenger would step out and follow the target.  The target would not suspect he is being followed on foot while using his car.

Where a single vehicle is used in the surveillance that vehicle must remain close to allow the investigators to monitor the target’s actions.  However, the investigator must remain far enough behind to avoid being spotted.

Vehicle surveillance demands inconspicuous procedures.  Investigators must remain in the same lane the target drives in to avoid conspicuous turns from wrong lanes.

When the subject turns a corner, the remaining observer can make one of two possible moves. They can continue in the original direction, cross the intersecting street, and make a U-turn; the subject will take little interest in a car turning into the street behind them coming from the opposite direction. An alternative would be to continue in the original direction, cross the intersecting street, and continue around the block.

Two-Vehicle Surveillance


This technique uses two vehicles to follow the subject at different distances on the same street. This technique can be varied by having one vehicle going in the same direction as the subject on a parallel street while receiving radio-transmitted directions from the observers directly behind the subject. This technique is more flexible because the two vehicles can exchange places from time to time.

Forensic Private Investigations has experience with both single and two vehicle surveillance.  If you have any questions about our techniques or should you require our other services we are available to help.

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