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Insurance Investigations


Personal Injury

Personal injury insurance fraud is typically defined as any act intended to cause an insurance company or a Business to compensate you for an injury that is nonexistent, exaggerated, or unrelated to any accident covered by the policy.

After a person entering your business and is hurt, often they exaggerate their injuries and only surveillance will give our clients the wherewithal to defend or negotiate a better outcome

Workers Compensation Insurance

When workers claim compensation for an injury, many questions are asked: Is the worker still injured, is he working elsewhere, perhaps off the books while still claiming worker comp payments?  Only surveillance will tell.


an FPI investigator will confirm the severity of the injury and whether the accident occurred while the person was working.

insurance investigations

Auto Insurances

Some criminals stage accidents in which they purposely collide with another car, then accuse the other driver of fault in order to file claims. Others attempt vehicle theft fraud, trying to get money for a car that is not stolen. FPI Investigators are always there to help uncover the truth.

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